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About CariCat Designs

After being in the Federal systems integrator industry most of my career, I was repeatedly told that in order to advance, I needed to lose my femininity, cut my hair short, and dress more like a man.  I resisted through the years and was successful in my own right but admittedly every time I went to buy some "statement" jewelry and other "fun" items, they were either majorly expensive or what I call "blah."  

So I decided to make some myself and make them colorful and relatively inexpensive compared to many of the stores in my immediate area just outside of the Nation's capital. By education, I am an engineer from Penn State but also a woman who enjoys being a woman or in my case a girl.  My inspiration also came from my two kitties Chester and Orville who are by my side as I leverage my creativity to make things I hope you will enjoy.  

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